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concrete crack repair

Concrete tends to develop cracks during the initial curing process when it shrinks. It then can get worse over time when the foundation settles or when the ground beneath it shifts. The cracks can get much worse when water begins to seep through these cracks making them even more severe and creating additional  problems including the possible loss of structural integrity.


If your concrete is cracked or leaking there are two main methods to repair it that we offer: Polyurethane and Epoxy injection.


  1. Polyurethane injection is flexible and allows the concrete to move naturally mitigating further cracking and can be used in wet conditions to stop water leaks.

  2. Epoxy Injection provides stronger structural strength due to it bonding better with concrete however it can only be used when the concrete is dry.

We will survey the problem, work with property managers, and provide our professional opinion as to which method would be best suited for each situation. 

Concrete Crack 

Injection Repair

concrete crack injection repair
concrete crack repair
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