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Line Painting

line painting

Are your existing lines fading? Does your parking lot not flow properly? Do your customers and tenants complain that the spaces are not the right fit for their vehicle? Do you need special symbols done? If so, call the Parkade Maintenance Specialists - Ramos Holdings at 604 526 2620!

Show your neighbourhood, customers, and tenants that you care about the property you own by choosing Ramos Holdings Ltd. to give your lot a safe, well maintained, and fresh appearance.

We pride ourselves on professional line painting services. We utilize only the best of high quality paint, commercial grade line painting machines and an experienced staff who will get the job done fast and efficiently.

Line painting doesn’t only just make your lot look clean, it also helps show customers where to drive through, entrances and exits, where it is safe to park, and shows vehicles/pedestrians where the crosswalks are located.

Keep in mind, especially with outdoor locations, that your line painting project should be scheduled to be completed during operable weather conditions. Also, depending on your specific requirements, some line painting may need to be performed after normal business hours, to allow our paint to cure properly and avoid causing any inconvenience to your staff or clients.

Our services include but are not limited to line removal and repainting, stenciling, center and safety lines, aisle marking and directional arrows, layout planning (complete or partial), and curb painting and repair.

parking lot line painting
line painting
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