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Keep your property properly maintained.
Do it all with one call to Ramos Parkade Maintenance

At Ramos Parkade, our goal is to make life easier for Strata members which is why we created the Parkade Maintenance Package. This package combines our three most popular and necessary services into one: horizontal drain cleaning, parkade pressure washing, and catch basin cleaning.

By combining these services, it simplifies the whole process for Stratas. Stratas only need to be in contact with one contractor, have one trusted contractor that will be familiar with the property and will only have one invoice to pay. This will make your maintenance processes easier, and free up your time to focus on other important matters.

Ramos Parkade Maintenance is committed to providing our customers with the most comprehensive Parkade Maintenance service at fair rates.

Since 2003, Ramos Parkade Maintenance has specialized in providing high quality parking lot maintenance services to our clients. We range in services from: vac truck services, catch basin drainage, drain clearing, power vacuum, power sweeping, power scrubbing, pressure washing, snow removal and line painting services in the lower mainland of beautiful Vancouver, BC.

To provide an outstanding level of service and cultivate long term relationships with our clients. 

Our vision is to provide environmental services to our customers that ensure waste and debris is properly handled and disposed of, perform routine maintenance to reduce wasted resources, all while providing a high level of customer care.

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