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Power Sweeping Services

In the effort to keep your property clean, power sweeping is a great tool! Dust, litter, moss, dirt, salt, rocks, and other debris are just part of what collect in parking lots over time. Power sweeping is a great option to remove the top layer of debris easily and quickly.  

Power sweeping removes the bulk of debris in a cost effecting and time efficient manner. Servicing time is much less then power washing which means it is more convenient for residents.

Power sweeping services a great way to quickly touch up any type of property and extend the life of a pressure wash treatment. Due to the machine's mobile nature, we able to service a wide array of property types. Here are just some of the few we service:

  • parking lots

  • warehouses

  • side walks

  • driveways

  • private roads

  • curbs

  • other areas. 

An unkept dirty parking lot with lack of ventilation can kick up a lot of particulate matter (PM) in the air. PM can lead to many health consequences including decreased lung function, irregular heartbeat, or even nonfatal heart attacks. For more information on PM and the health effects of unclean air, read this article from United States Environmental Protection Agency. Power sweeping picks up and removes debris from the parking lot before they can become airborne this increases the health and safety of residences or employees. 

The frequency of power sweeping is dependant on many environmental factors such as location of the property, volume of traffic/volume of pedestrian traffic, driveway/road quality, temperature, time of year, preference of decision makers, and budgets. There is no single answer to how often a parking lot should be sweeper as each parking lot has a different mix of the factors listed below. However, as a rule-of-thumb, Ramos suggests underground parking lots should go no longer than one year in between services. 

In addition to the health and safety concerns listed above, excess gravel and debris in parking lots can damage the surface of the driveways. As cars drive over gravel in the parking lot it creates a large amount of friction which can erode the surface. A clear example of this most are familiar with are potholes in the street. A small crack appears in the concrete or blacktop, over time the crack expands and turns into a large pothole in need of patching. By removing debris from the surface you can avoid severe damage to your parking lot.


For many businesses the parking lot is the first impression clients engage with. Having a dirty parking lot does not create a positive first impression, it does the opposite. Entering into an establishment which has clearly put effort into maintaining the property can help build stronger customer relations as they enjoy visiting the premises more. 

Some parking lots build up moss over time if not property cleaned. Pressure washing is not the only way to remove this moss. Our power sweeper has a rotating broom on the side which is able to remove built up moss on curbing and next to walls. 

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