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Pressure Washing

Ramos Holdings offers complete power washing services for your residential & commercial parkade needs. 


Parkade overtime naturally accumulated dust/dirt/grease from its daily. Through power washing, we are able to power wash the walls, driveways/parking spots, and support beams of your underground parkade to remove the build up of residue leaving looking fresh and clean. We have the power washer, appropriate nozzles & if necessary the appropriate bio-degradable cleanser required to meet any task and make your property look brand new again. 


Based on our experience in the cleaning industry, we understand each and every aspect of the cleaning business and ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services. We approach each property with a custom approach to ensure maximum client satisfaction. 


Our Parkade Maintenance Service will help you get all the work done with just one call! We offer our Parkade Maintenance Services in the Lower Mainland area of Vancouver, BC

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