Ramos Holdings LTD. is a leading provider of parking lot services within the Greater Vancouver Area. With reliable and sustainable environmental practices, Ramos Holdings LTD. has served business for more than 20 years.

One of our Account Managers will speak to you about your needs and inspect the property in order to create a customized Preventative Maintenance Program specifically for your property. We will look at your drainage system maintenance needs including vacuum truck services and hydro-jetting as well as any other requirements such as power washing, line painting, concrete sealant or concrete repair.


This maintenance quote is extremely useful when planning your Property Maintenance Budget for the year for your council/strata. We offer a wide range of services to our clients but here are our top services we provide. Download our PDF Flyer here.


Call us today and for your customized maintenance quote!

Low-Profile Vacuum Truck Services
Low-profile vacuum truck allows easy access to low clearance structures
Hydro Jetting
A pressurized hose allows for water to break up blockages in pipes
Power Washing
Make any surface look brand new again with the power of pressurized water
Camera Line Inspection
With over 200ft of line, this will serve as your "eyes and ears" to help pinpoint where any blockage occurs
Conrete Crack Injection Repair
Stop cracks from spreading further with this crack treatment
Line Painting
Give your property a refresh to clear up traffic confusion while improving curb appeal
Blacktop Repair
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